Investing means your money is working for you. Investing can take the form of starting a business or buying and selling real estate or land. In financial markets, this is expressed in investments in financial instruments, valuable assets for the purpose of resale at a higher price.

Not all types of investments are available “directly” for private investors. As in the case of a bank, there are organizations that raise funds from individuals, which, as they become available, are distributed among the funded commercial projects.

Unlike trading, investing usually takes a longer-term approach to accumulating wealth. Therefore, the goal of investment usually comes down to a competent choice of a tool, minimization of risks and the choice of a time period suitable for the investor during which (or after which) the investment will bring profit.

There are many ways and tools for investing, but as a rule, investors are guided by fundamental factors to determine the optimal investment opportunities.

Unlike traders, investors do not worry too much about short-term price fluctuations and losses and have a long-term approach to capital investment.