Trade is one of the most key concepts in economics. It is a special activity of people associated with the implementation of acts of sale and purchase of various assets and includes a set of specific technological and economic operations aimed at servicing the exchange process.

Traded assets are financial instruments and include stocks, bonds, currency pairs and cryptocurrencies of various markets, binary and currency options, futures, and others.

A trader can be either a private investor or a global financial institution. You can trade directly or through a broker, in person, by phone, or on an online trading platform. Trading activity in financial markets is often viewed as an indicator of the health of the global economy.

Main trading functions:

— realization of the produced use-value (goods)

— bringing consumer goods to consumers

— maintaining a balance between supply and demand

— improving the technology of sales, information services, etc.

— functions associated with the implementation of marketing, namely: market research, price determination, creation of service services, product development, etc.

Today, trading involves various strategies, including day trading, swing trading, trend trading and others.