What is the x2 bonus? 

X2 bonus is a Cryptology bonus that allows new users who trade futures to reduce the risk of liquidation.

How does it work?

Cryptology doubles the first deposit under $100. For all deposits over $100, new users receive a bonus of $100 to the account.

The bonus is converted to BTC if the bonus was deposited in USD, ETH, and BTC (equivalent = $ 100).

How do I get the x2 Cryptology bonus?

1. Follow the link, sign up, or create a new account on Cryptology.

2. Make any deposit for futures trading.

3. Get your bonus instantly! The bonus is marked in the picture. 

4. Go to the Futures Contracts trading page. Start trading and spend your bonus to reduce the risk of liquidation or to pay for the trading commissions.

Can I withdraw my bonus?

The bonus cannot be withdrawn, but you can use it to reduce the risk of liquidation.

What are the bonus program rules? 

  1. The bonus is given only on the first deposit.
  2. The bonus consists of a bonus of the deposit on the futures trading account, but not more than $100.
  3. The bonus cannot be withdrawn but bonuses will be used as an addition to your balance value in the calculation of the potential position liquidation.
  4. The bonus amount is equal to the deposit amount.
  5. If the liquidation price is reached, funds will be debited from the bonus balance, and the liquidation price will be decreased proportionally.

What opportunities does it provide?

  1. Reduce the risk of losing money.
  2. Protect trades from unexpected market fluctuations and wait for the desired price movement.