How can I invite friends and get rewards? 

  • Go to the Referral section; 
  • Copy the referral code or referral link; 

  • Share the link/code directly or in social media; 
  • Invite people to join; 
  • Get rewards when they trade!

How much will I receive? 

You can get up to 30% of the trading commissions paid within 3 months after your friend's registration. Please note that withdrawal and other fees are not counted towards the referral program.  

How many users came from my links?  How much did I receive?

You can see the number of registrations made with your code in the Referral section:

Which currency will I receive? Where can I see my rewards? 

As soon as your friends start to trade, you will be able to see the rewards you earned in each currency.
Rewards are credited in the currency of the trading commission paid. 

Will I instantly receive my reward ? 

All the rewards are credited to Referral's account at 5:30 UTC every day. 

How many friends can I invite?


There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, although we do reserve the right to adjust or change the referral program rules at any time.


Do I need to be verified to participate in the Referral program? 

No, there's no need to pass the verification to start inviting friends.