Supported card types. You can deposit using your VISA and MasterCard (EU only). We are looking forward to add other payment methods in future.

Deposit procedure:

  • Basic verification. At the moment in order to prevent fraudulent transactions basic verification is required. You can pass the verification right in the application. Basic level just requires a small questionnaire with personal data. If your'e willing to increase the limits of fiat deposits and withdrawals, you can apply for an advanced verification which includes photo ID + selfie. It usually takes up to several hours to be verified.

  • Currency. After verification has passed successfully you can choose the currency you want to deposit in Portfolio tab and click "deposit" button. 

  • Link your bank card. You don't have to provide the details again if you use the card second time - it will be linked to your account.

As a part of our AML policy we charge a small random amount (for example $1.42) which you need to enter in the verification form (we need to verify that you are a real cardholder). You will receive either a sms/push notification from your bank with an amount or you can find it in your card statement. You'll have 15 minutes to enter this exact amount in the form. After it will be released.  Please note that it should formatted as 1.42 (example) and not 1,42 to go through.

Success :) 

You can start trading now.