In order to increase the amount that you can deposit and withdraw funds from your Cryptology account, you need to complete the verification process.

There are 2 verification levels:

1. Advanced Verification: Crypto deposits - no limits, Crypto withdrawals - no limits. Fiat deposits up to $10,000 

This verification level consists of three stages:

  • photo of the document passport, ID card, or residence permit;
  • selfie with an identity document;
  • selfie with a liveness-detection check, which simply involves turning your head in front of a camera for a few moments.

Please make sure, that the photos were taken in good quality, all the data on the documents are clearly visible.

2. Full Verification: No Account Limit

Requires providing Residential Address and document copy confirming it. As Proof of Residence, you can use a recent (not older than 3 months) utility bill for electricity/gas/water/landline/internet or a bank account statement/official government letter. Proof of Residence shall contain your full name (as in the provided photo ID document), full address, document date, and the service provided (in Latin transliteration).
Please note: as proof of residence, you can provide a residence permit from your passport (main page + residence permit page), however, any other document must be provided in the previous steps - an international passport or a driver's license.
*Additional documents for Enhanced Due Diligence and card verification might be required.

*Additional card verification might be required.