In order to increase the amount that you can deposit on your Cryptology account, you need to complete the verification process. 

There are 3 verification levels:

  1. Basic Verification: USD$3,000 Account Limit

Requires to fill in the form on the Account & Settings tab, by providing first and last name, ID document country, and date of birth.

    2. Advanced Verification: USD$10,000 Account Limit
Requires submission of personal ID and a selfie (in color, readable, full page, with the name spelled in English letters);  

   3. Unlimited Verification: No Account Limit
Requires to provide Residential Address and document copy confirming it. As Proof of Residence can be used a recent (not older than 6 months) utility bill for electricity/gas/water/landline/internet or a bank account statement/official government letter. Proof of Residence shall contain name (as in the provided ID document), full address, document date and the service provided (in Latin transliteration).
*Additional documents for Enhanced Due Diligence and card verification might be required.

*Additional card verification might be required.